June 6, 2016

WPIC Q27-3223 Black Parrot Cage

With an ultimate overall dimension size of  66″H x 39″W x 31″D this parrot cage from WPIC offers plenty of room for your bird to move around, stretch its wings, and interact with you from perches located both inside and outside of the cage. It’s one of the tidiest cages we’ve found because ot the removable bottom grid, top and bottom removable trays and seed catchers that are located all around the unit to keep your home free from falling seed debris.

Functional and Stylish For Every Pretty Bird

This cage combines both in equal measure with a classic wrought iron finish and all of the great features you want in a fully utilitarian parrot cage. Size-wise, it’s big and roomy for parrots or birds of all sizes and comes equipped with plenty of features that you and your bird will both love. There are six

20oz stainless steel cups for placement both in and out of the cage and two perches located in each of those areas as well. The seed skirts are one of the best selling points on this WPIC cage because they actually do the job effectively and are an important feature on the best of Pets Sensation’s parrot cages

Fully Accessible in Every Area


There are a wealth of doors in this cage through which to gain access to your bird and for your bird to get to food and water. The main door is 36.75″H x 13.5″W, big enough to access every area inside of the cage and roomy for taking your parrot in and out of the cage. More important, the door has a secure latch to keep it shut tight. You also get four feed doors to position each of the stainless steel bowls to make them easy to fill and easy to reach for the bird as well.

Summing Up

WPIC has thought of just about everything on their parrot cage. Along with the ample accessibility and wide roominess, the cage is also very stable. It comes with a set of casters to make it a cinch to roll around to any part of your home and the build quality here is top notch. It’s stable and doesn’t shake or wobble like other cages that aren’t designed or manufactured properly. This one is fully secure and durable and it should be for the asking price of around $180.