July 30, 2018

Why You Need An Instagram Strategy

There are a good number of people who produce and come up with products that never reach their intended markets. The reason behind this trend is because such people never come up with a plan on how they intend to make their brands known and reach new markets. They are of the opinion that all they need is a product that solves common problems and they are good to go. Social media platforms are very effective in the modern internet era and no wonder most business owners are diving in. However, marketing on this platforms is not that easy. The following are some of the reasons why you need a strategy while marketing on Instagram


    1. Gives you direction

Determining what to post and when to do it is not that easy as most people tend to assume. It needs a lot of creativity and observation of what other leading brands are doing. You have to determine the number of times you need to post in a day or week and stick to that plan. Your followers will not be interested in the number of times you post in a day but the consistency with which you make your posts. Just check schedules of businesses in your niche and you are to go.

    1. Makes it easy to balance between work and social media management

Unexpected things happen but once you have a schedule, you do not have to worry much. The schedule indicates what is expected of you at any time which means the chances of being overwhelmed are very low. It gets better when you automate some functions such as posting, searching for new followers and likes. This enables you to put some functions on autopilot and focus on those that demand your attention. Spire has reviews of some of the best bots to make it easy to balance the two.


    1. Easy to produce balanced content

If most people were to be asked what they want to post on business social media pages, then sales post will dominate their timeline. However, your followers are not always looking for products to buy. In some days they need tips and educative posts on how to use certain products. A good schedule will put this into consideration and ensure that you have content that caters to all followers. Even though your main goal is closing sales, remember to create a family of followers as well and make them your priority.