Snow Joe SJ624E Snow Blower Review


Snow Joe SJ624E Snow Blower Review

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Living in an area which frequently gets heavy snow can be amazing if you work in the postcard business, but for anyone else it can become quite a burden. When snow decides to fall it can cause a lot of problems for anyone who needs to leave their house and get to work, or even just pop down to the shops. That is why everyone who lives in one of these areas needs to have the appropriate tools to ensure that they can continue with their days should the worst happen. Snow blowers are the best way to do this, and that is why today we are looking at the Snow Joe SJ624E to see what features it has, what’s good about it and checking out anything that is not so good too! This should give you a good idea whether or not this is the best snow blower for you!

So tell me a little more about the features

The Snow Joe has been designed to be incredibly easy to use and maintain all whilst providing you with enough power to clear a lot of snow at once! The 14 amp motor is powerful enough to clear up to 730 pounds of snow per minute, making light work of most ordinary sized paths and driveways. It will clear an area 21 inches wide by 11.8 inches high in one pass too, meaning you should have the snow cleared in no time at all. Other impressive features contain easy-glide wheels to ensure that you stay on the path you are clearing, and a 180 degree snow chute to help you clear away the frosty white stuff!

What’s good about it?

There is a lot that is good about this snow blower. It is easy to assemble straight out of the box, it is just as easy to operate too, and it is lightweight enough to suit almost any user. However, when compared to other snow blowers (which you can do here ) the most impressive point about this machine is the distance it can blow snow and how much snow it can move in one go.

And what is not so good?

Some people who have used the Snow Joe have said that the wheels are not strong enough or provide enough grip to match the high quality of the rest of the machine. They have stated that they are made of a cheaper plastic and have a tendency to simply slide across the ground rather than dig in and get a good hold of the icy surface.

What’s the conclusion?

This is a very nice snow blower for those who need slightly more power than is the norm. If you live in an area which gets heavy snowfall regularly then you will want a machine which you can rely upon no matter when or how often it is needed. The Snow Joe can be this machine, and once you work out how best to use all of its features, you will never look back!