Sedu Revolution Pro TGR 40001 Hair Dryer Review

Sedu Revolution Pro TGR 40001 Hair Dryer Review


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Hair dryers have a special place in many hearts all over the world, mainly because our hair can say a lot about ourselves as a person. Some people just don’t care about their hair, which is completely fine – this is a review for those of you out there that actually do. If you want to have the most perfect hair possible, all you’ve go to do is read through this review (or just click now and get to the good stuff!). I’ve talked about hair dryers in the past, especially when I was doing my bid as a hair stylist in New York. It wasn’t easy, but a reliable hair dryer was definitely something that helped me keep everything together. I had a hair dryer that I would use almost every single day, and the Sedu Revolution Pro hair dryer was my go to item.

I’m going to tell you why I needed a hair dryer like this one, as well as why you can go about using one without any troubles. When you can tame your hair, life is going to be a lot easier than you remember it being!


This is a very useful hair dryer that’s going to stay in your home for an extended period of time, and you can chalk that up to the fact that there’s a 2 year warranty that is constantly being honored. If you buy it from an authorized retailer, you’ll be able to make use of the warranty itself. It’s got one of the longest lasting motors in a hair dryer, with 1875 watts of power to keep you in action. The air speed can’t be matched, and it even shares a “dual function” with the ion switch. It was made in France, and you already know they take their hair quite seriously in France!

What Are the Pro’s?

It’s an ion-based hair dryer, which means your options are going to be a lot more “open” while using it. The long lasting motor is a trend thart’s become very popular in hair dryers these days, but it isn’t always a must. It’s made up out of high quality materials and imported from France, and the dual function drying process is also incredibly useful as well.

What Are the Con’s?

This is a “professional level” hair dryer, which is usually left up to people who are constantly thinking about their hair – even when they sleep! If you aren’t someone who loves the look of their hair, you might want to go for a cheaper variety.


With everything I’ve said above, I would say that this is a hair dryer you can really learn to rely on. Without the right hair dryer, who knows where your morning regime would land? Take it upon yourself to buy a high quality hair dryer like this one, you’re never going to regret it. It’s time for a change, don’t you think?