Rusk Super Freak – Monster of a Hairdryer!


Rusk Super Freak – Monster of a Hairdryer!

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I came across the Rusk Super Freak online whilst searching on sites for hairdryers that are widely endorsed with lots of reviews. I needed advice as I really did not know what model to purchase.

I eventually bought the Rusk Super Freak. This hairdryer is a Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer and at 2000 Watt has decent power.

The Techy Bit:

2000 Watt Italian motor. Ceramic grill infused with tourmaline. 7 heat and speed settings with cold shot. Removable filter and 9 feet power cord. Includes 2 concentrator nozzles.


The design is pretty standard for a hairdryer but the nozzle is slightly longer. This means you can concentrate power in one area of your hair with the help of the two (included) concentrator nozzles. It has 7 heats/speed settings and a cold shot, which boosts shine.
The Dryer Itself

The motor is powerful. It is actually what I imagine standing in a wind tunnel is like.

Apparently the ceramic grill not only does this make the hairdryer more durable but it helps with the drying process.

7 heat settings ensures your styling can be versatile. It depends on what style, the condition of your hair, length, how much time you have. The hottest setting is really hot. I would recommend using the next few settings down as it can burn your scalp if using it for any length of time.

Even when not on the highest heat setting the hairdryer is so powerful it dries your hair in no time. I have mid-length, thick hair. I timed it from washing y hair to being completely dry and it take 8 minutes from start to finish. A real time saver.

The removable filter is a good addition; this will make the hairdryer last way longer. I found that other hair dryers I had previously owned got clogged with general hair, hairspray and dust and overheated or stopped working.

These nozzles concentrate the heat and air in certain areas. If you have a fringe, it is great for that or if an area takes longer to dry than another, great for that. It has a cool shot too, which boosts shine. Not just words either, it really does.

It has a nice long cord too, which means you can move around a bit when you are drying your hair.

The Good and Not so Good

The 7 heat settings are a definite benefit of this hairdryer, it dries hair quickly. It locks moisture in, which helps hair conditioning.

A downside is the top heat setting. After a couple of minutes, it can heat up your scalp and uncomfortably so.

The cord is long and if you don’t pay attention, it could be a trip hazard.


This hairdryer has been in my possession for a year now, it has completely changed the condition of my hair. You will save money, if like me you have conditioning treatments every few months or used to.

I cannot tell you how amazing this hairdryer is, the only way you will find out is by trying it yourself. I can tell you certainly won’t regret it.

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