Ener-G+ HEA-21523 Patio Heater Review


Ener-G+ HEA-21523 Patio Heater Review

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This classic design patio heater can be a great edition to your back porch, outside shop, or patio gazebo. There are several qualities that are found with the HEA-21523 that aren’t found in others such as its ability to heat well and not take up floor space or propane. Many people find the smell of propane to be sickening. Therefore, having a patio heater that does not use propane may be ideal around those with not-so-strong stomachs. The reviews and comments made regarding this unit from consumers truly give light on the ability of this unit to function for your needs.

Description and Details

The HEA-21523 looks similar to a ceiling light that you might have outdoors in a shop or a back enclosed porch. It is an infrared heater, meaning there are no harmful UV rays, and it runs off 1500 watts. The top is designed to resist dust and rain whenever possible and it operates quietly as to not interfere with the ongoing activities. It has a BTU output of 5100 and can be hung on any level ceiling. To turn it off and on, you would pull the hanging chain, which is also included. This makes it easier to manage and cut on and off, as if you were doing so to a ceiling fan and light combination.

The Strengths of the HEA-21523

There were many happy customers who have purchased this unit raving about it online. Many were surprised as to how much it actually produced, claiming it was more than enough adequate heat for their intended area. Unlike the propane heaters, this patio or outdoor heater is quiet. Many consumers claim that it makes so little noise that they forget it is even there. The construction of the HEA-21523 is done so carefully, according to consumers who believe that it is durable and willing to withstand the outside temperatures and weather if hung properly.

The Weaknesses of the HEA-21523

Each product on the market is going to have some negative reviews regarding how it is made and how it works. Some consumers have become disappointed a few months after light usage due to the bulb blowing in the heating portion of this unit. Many consumers have said that after a few years of usage that it completely stops working and there is no repairing it. Another complaint has been received regarding the amount of heat that it produces. It is not adequate enough for more than one person, and even for that person it must be directly over their head, or close to their lap in order to produce the amount of heat necessary.

In Conclusion

There are many different styles of patio heaters that would be ideal for porches, gazebos, and just out in the yard free standing. A lot of the choice comes from what you want or prefer for your needs. If you are attempting to heat up a gazebo, something along the lines of this might do nicely as it does not take up any floor space. Other options may also prove to be ideal for your situation.