Crock Pot SCCPCCM250-BT Casserole Slow Cooker Review


Crock Pot SCCPCCM250-BT Casserole Slow Cooker Review

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The bigger your family, the bigger the job of cooking for everyone in that family becomes, and of course, the bigger the mess after cooking. However, when it’s just one person, or a couple, having large appliances is not ideal for those who have one or two people living in the household. Smaller appliances saves energy, meaning when downgrading due to only having one or two people, you can save money on your light bill and have an awesome addition to your kitchen, especially with the SCCPCCM250-BT.

Features and Design

This Crock Pot unit is unlike the others in their manufacturing family because the inserts hold a smaller amount than the normal sized crock pot. The Mini insert holds 2.5 quarts and can be removed and used in the oven. Three settings, high, low, and warm, help to keep all foods warm or cook them thoroughly for later consumption. The lid locks into place so that you can travel easily with it. There are two handles on either side of the pot for easy carrying. The SCCPCCM250-BT weighing in at eight pounds, this crock pot is your ticket to one-pot deliciousness.

The Pros

Many people who review this product have been extremely pleased with the outcome when using this specific casserole slow cooker. It has been the right size for couples, roommates, or those with one extra child or person to eat out of. A lot of consumers have boasted on the price being so low with the product being so great. Some consumers have elected it the best Crockpot slow cooker of the year. There are handles that are easy to grasp and carry, even when the cooker has been continuously cooking. This great addition can fit in with any type of kitchen appliances theme, even stainless steel.

The Cons

The SCCPCCM250-BT has excellent reviews all over the internet and, flawlessly, has no negative reviews. Although, there can be a few negatives if your family is larger than two or three people, as the internal cooking area is only 2.5 quarts. There are only three settings besides the off button. There is no temperature gauge to keep an eye on how thorough the meats are cooking. For someone looking for a more advanced unit, this would not be an ideal choice as some of the functions have been noted as “a dud.”

In Conclusion

There are several different types of crock pots, or slow cookers, on the market. Some may have added bonuses such as being programmable or having added features. However, when you’re looking for something simple, and easy to operate, the Crock Pot unit is a great choice, because not only is it a great slow cooker for a small family or couple, it is an inexpensive purchase. Crock Pot is one of the leading brands in slow cookers and this crock pot is an example as to why. They provide customer support for any and all questions pertaining to their products.