Best Choice Manual Push Reel Lawn Mower Review


Best Choice Manual Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

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Owning a lawn mower can be tough. There is regular maintenance that should be done on that lawn mower to keep it working season after season. Some people prefer to have a local shop winterize their lawn mowers and replace the fluids at the start of a new season. This can save you the hassle of having to do it yourself, but compared to the cost, it might not be ideal. When your old lawn mower decides to quit and a new one is needed, finding the right one can be as easy as clicking around on your computer.

Details and Description

A manual push mower that’s easy to maneuver is in high demand as many consumers find that the gas fumes or the battery powered lawn mowers are unreliable unless maintenance is done according to the manual. This push mower has five blades that are made of steel in its rotary system. The cutting width is approximately twenty inches, wheel measurements are not included as that doesn’t help cutting width. The handle bar is cushioned for an easier push. The wheels in the front are approximately 9.75 inches wide and the back wheels are approximately six inches wide, unlike other lawn mowers who have larger back wheels than front. This lawn mower and others can be found, with written reviews, on the Garden Plaza site.

The Strengths of the Best Choice Reel Mower

Consumers who had reportedly not owned a lawn mower decided to purchase this one to tackle the weeds that had overgrown in their yard. These same consumers raved about how well it chopped down the tall grass and weeds and are even more excited about the continued use and successful results. The ease of pushing this mower is another aspect that has consumers excited. It is very comfortable to push with cushioned handles. The ease of setting this lawn mower up can be experienced in less than ten minutes, according to consumers.

The Weaknesses

Although the construction and design seems to be ideal for consumers, they have experienced clogged up blades from grass as there is a space between the blades and catcher that allows this. Because of this issue, the consumers are finding that they must constantly stop mowing their lawn just to clean out the cut grass between the blades. Another issue that consumers have found is that the grass catching bag is not very durable. Many have claimed that this bag has broken within the first few usages.

In Conclusion

There are several lawn mowers that can be acceptable, but if you want to be more environmentally friendly, then a manual push mower is the ideal choice. By using your force, and strength, you are not only putting to use the blades and getting your grass cut, but you are also exercising more than you would with a regular gas powered or an electric powered lawn mower. The affordability of a manual push mower may also outweigh that of the other types of lawn mowers on the market.