Belt Drive EQ-1522BK Skylink Garage Opener System

Belt Drive EQ-1522BK Skylink Garage Opener System


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Purchasing a new garage opening system should not be a tough or challenging project. Being able to do so online has sped up the process, but still allows room for error. When it comes to high priced garage door openers, you may be biting the bullet in other parts of your home budget. Systems like the EQ-1522BK, which is reasonable priced at around two hundred and fifty dollars, is one of those quality systems that fit the more affordable category for consumers.

The Details and Features

The EQ-1522BK is on the quiet side and very easy to install per the manufactures instructions. There is a function on this system that allows for a softer start and stop as to not damage any of the parts. There is also a dimming function that is automatic for the light. It comes with two remotes that can fit on keychains and keyless entry. This system allows for someone to stay above the garage without having to hear the system over and over again. What tops off what could be one of the greatest garage door opening systems is the safety sensors with infrared beams.

The Pros of the EQ-1522BK

The difference between the chain and the belt versions of garage door openers has caught the eye of consumers as many of them claim the EQ-1522BK having a belt is the best type on the market. It is a very compact unit and does not make hardly any sound besides the door actually coming up, so the sounds are from the door, according to consumers. The quality of the unit makes a big difference to consumers, who originally thought that the low, affordable price was the sign of a cheaply made unit. They raved about being proved wrong throughout reviews of the EQ-1522BK.

The Cons of the EQ-1522BK

There will always be at least one defective device among a large number that is manufactured and some consumers have claimed to have found the defective EQ-1522BK models. Consumers have reported not receiving any type of manual to help with installation and assembly. Consumer reports have also noted that the door engine just stops working for no reason whatsoever. They claim that it could be a ceased up shaft, but until being looked at no one truly knows the cause. Even with the fancy features consumers have claimed they will not be purchasing another.

In Conclusion

There are thousands of garage door openers that range from very low prices to outrageously high prices with installation not included. Special type of door openers, which are more expensive, are used on garage doors that open out like regular doors, instead of up like your older style garage doors. Although this type of garage setup is normally not that common among homeowners, there are some specifically designed garage door openers that are required to open up these special type of doors. If you are searching for a garage door opener like this, visit for the reviews of the top of the line special door openers.