August 20, 2018

How to Maximize Your Laser Production

Of course, you have to create unique and trendy designs to outperform your competitors if you’re in the laser engraving business. Even then, you must find ways to increase your production. Here’s how.

Invest in a Good Laser Engraving Machine

The machine you use ultimately determines your level of production. So, make sure that you choose the best you can get within your budget estimate. Other than that, ensure that the machine you plan to purchase has enough features to handle the needs of your clients. Be sure to visit to view a collection of the best laser engraving machines on the market. That way, you will buy from a point of information.

Engrave Multiple Items Simultaneously

On top of investing in a good engraving machine, you should print in multiples. This works well when you have a project that requires you to engrave more than one item with the same design. Statistics indicate that when you engrave in batches, you will end up saving up to 37% of your time. By extension, this means that will spend less time engraving three times more items.  Of course, the number of pieces you can engrave at any given time depends on the size of your table.  So, it is essential that you increase the size of the page in your graphic design to accommodate the size of your laser.

Adjust Your Resolution

The resolution that you use can determine your laser engraving output. Sure, you must have a clear image, but it is worth noting that the higher the resolution, the longer it will take to engrave an item. Thus, consider lowering the dots per inch ratio in your engraved images. That way you can save up to 33% of your production time. When reducing the resolution, don’t forget to use a variety of dithering patterns to randomize the dots in a way that makes it difficult to notice the lower resolution. The idea is to find the right resolution while maintaining a clean look and most importantly spending less time to engrave.

The Bottom Line

When you maximize your laser production, you’re in essence reducing the time it takes to make a certain amount of money. It also makes perfect sense to do as much as you can quickly enough especially if you have a large engraving order from your clients. The tips above will indeed help you get started.