January 7, 2019

Health Issues when Working in an Office

It all sounds great, you just graduated and landed a great job in an office. A good salary, no physical intensive work, what more could you wish for. Well, lucky for you-you’re┬ástill young so probably not much of a problem but for older folks who switched from an active job to a more passive job in the office this could pose a problem sooner than they think.

You often hear it, people who die soon after retiring, and the main reason is that they don’t live a very healthy life anymore, they stop exercising, they start eating more unhealthy foods, and they are virtually killing themselves by living a too passive life.

The same can be said for the office

If you are used to drinking a lot of caffeine or consuming many sugars and you don’t give your body the needed exercise it will go down a lot faster than you can imagine, and the complaints will start to pile up just as quick. The most logical thing to do would be to smoke less, drink less coffee, eat more healthy but the human brain doesn’t always agree with that so you end up in a circle you can’t get out off.

There are things you can do though, the above leads to more serious health issues, but there are other problems you might not have thought about well enough, posture is one of such things. If you sit in a bad shape all day long it will affect your back, so besides harming your organs you might hurt your spine and this can have long-lasting effects on your body.

That’s why the first thing you should get yourself is an ergonomic chair, or better said the least you should do, on Free Your Spine they know all about this topic and if you click on the link I provided it takes you to a wide range of such chairs that they reviewed.

Different ways to keep yourself healthy

Don’t sit during your lunch break, take a break and go outside instead, and do some exercises, perhaps a little jog around the block, even if it takes only ten minutes from your 30-minute break, most people get an hour break, it would at least help you.

Take the bicycle to work, it’s a fact you need more exercise as this is the number one natural healer in the world so if you live in a busy area, most likely you do, there is plenty of traffic jams and what not so why not take the bike? It’s not like it will cost you any extra time so just do it.