March 25, 2019

3 Winning & Funny Acts Your Child Should Do for a Talent Show


So your child goes up to you and tells you all about an upcoming talent show at his school. According to him, he wants to win and amaze the audience. But he has this problem: he doesn’t know what to do.

Here are some talent show acts that you should pitch to him.

Sing + Dance and Play an Instrument

Everyone can sing, dance, and play a musical instrument. But not everyone is good at all of them.

If your child is among the “talented ones” in terms of these activities, it looks like it’s his time to shine. So why not encourage him to use his talent as his act for the upcoming show?

Tell him that he can sing his favorite songs, dance gracefully, and serenade the audience!

Just get his gear and equipment ready so his performance will be magical. You may check out Speaker Digital if you need a guide on how to be awesome.

Stand-up Comedy

Another act that your child should consider doing for the talent show is stand-up comedy. Especially if you notice him being “naturally funny”, he’ll praise you for such a brilliant idea.

This option is fine because if he is exceptional whenever he talks to audiences, you should feel assured that he’ll effortlessly handle himself well on stage. If he’s used to being the funny one in his group of friends, it’s as if he’ll just be having normal conversations.

He simply needs to come up with original jokes and then he’s good to go.

Performing Magic Trick

The good thing about this option is that it already paves the way for an entertainer to get attention.

You know how children and adults alike enjoy seeing a magician do his thing?

If they walk by a magician on a street or in the mall, they can’t help but stop to watch him perform. Even if they’ve seen the magic trick already, it’s as if they’re still first-time watchers.

So if your child doesn’t just want to perform, but connect with an audience as well, performing a magic trick can help him achieve his wishes. And because he said he wanted to amaze the audience, this act should definitely be in his list.

For advice, he can always turn to an expert for help! Or he can go online and make the internet do wonders.


Remember, wanting your child to win in a talent show shouldn’t be your main goal. Winning may help increase his confidence, sure. But don’t set aside a more important factor in it: fun!